Thursday, October 3, 2013

The fallidays

So Home Depot's latest commercial talks about "The Fallidays." At first, I rolled my eyes, and thought, "How dumb! They're trying to shove holiday stuff down our throats earlier every year, what a sick ploy!"  But, with some recent reflection, I do like the name. I love fall, and I love October, so yes I will celebrate the Fallidays in my own way.

For me this time of year means Thanksgiving is coming in a couple of weeks here in Canada. I love Thanksgiving and the beauty of it. A positive holiday where everyone celebrates the same thing - being thankful. It helps me reflect on what I truly am thankful for.

This time of year also means that my birthday and Halloween are coming up at the end of the month. I do enjoy celebrating my birthday, and I've always LOVED having an excuse to dress up which is one thing I love about teaching - Spirit Days! An excuse to dress up!

I love pretty much everything about fall:
- The temperature is perfect for me - not too hot and not too cold, and little to no humidity!
- I love the colours, and I love that the days are getting shorter, but not too short yet (ie. the kids are going to bed more easily because it's dark out!).
- I love the activities going on at school - Thanksgiving and fall crafts and activities are fun!
- And who can resist pumpkin flavoured anything!

So there you have it, some more of the great little things in life!


  1. Hey Sarah! Welcome to the challenge!! Good luck, and have fun! I love so much about fall too - the colours, smells, food. I also love how it leads into my favourite season - Christmas! Looking forward to your posts - you can do it!!

    1. Thanks Marya! Your my inspiration! :) Love reading your blog too!

  2. An excuse to dress is my favorite of fall. Well, My birthday, If I get presents it good, too.

    1. Good point Malika! Totally love being able to put on a sweater again, and even wear socks and shoes. :)

  3. Loved your post Sarah! It's awesome. I also love fall - a ton.
    And I'm a big lover of Halloween - who can beat a day where we get to dress up :)

    1. I'm right there with you! Enjoy the last part of fall! I know I will! :)


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