Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A day in the life...

Another day in the life today. Sometimes I like to do a "trial run" to see what things will be like when I go back to work. This morning was one of those "trial run" mornings. I planned to be at my kids' school with all four for a Thanksgiving Assembly at 9:00am. It takes a half hour to drive there, and I wanted to be a bit earlier to avoid the last minute run-in, which is what often ends up happening. So I got as much as I possibly could get ready last night, and I kept 8:00am as my time to leave home.

So it was up on time, got myself ready, managed to bath oldest boy and daughter showered, eat breakfast, unload the dishwasher, tidy up a bit, get middle boy ready, feed and change baby, and "herd" everyone into the van. A few minutes after 8:00am, we were set to go. At that moment, my daughter asks what could be leaking out of her brother's backpack. Ack! His water bottle had popped open leading to a wet backpack and lunch bag. Quick jog into the house, fortunately had a replacement for both on hand (and knew where they were due to my organizing as of late), switched things around, and we were back on track, still in good time. Yeah! Supermom! Remember, this blog is about the little things in my life, and I was happy to roll into the school parking lot in decent time to sit in the gym for a few "peaceful" moments my 2 year old and my baby. Also remember that this does not happen every day!

The assembly was worth getting up early for, and worth chasing my toddler around the gym and listening to his jabber and chatter, which hopefully wasn't too bothersome to the others in attendance. ;) I thought it was fun to hear some of the big kids at school tell me my 2 year old looks and sounds like his 5 year old brother. Yep, he does! The kids at school are like a family, and really know each other, and I love that about our school.

I loved the assembly. The singing was great, the students in attendance were great, my daughter's class did great leading the assembly, her teacher spoke well, and I loved waving at my own kids, and beaming at them with mommy pride.

The students shared what they were thankful for, and then took it a step further. They also shared what they would do because they were thankful. For example, I am thankful for nature, so I will clean up garbage; or I am thankful for my family, so I will help at home. Not that we always have to do things to show our thankfulness, but there is something to be said for living out our gratitude. I can say I am thankful for nature, but if I make a mess of it, am I really thankful for it? What a great reminder! I am thankful for so much in my life, but what does being thankful for those things spur me on to do or be? What are you thankful for during this season of Thanksgiving?

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