Monday, October 14, 2013

Thanksgiving Day

Today is Thanksgiving Day here in Canada. Yesterday, we had dinner with my husband's family, and we had to go around the circle and say what we were thankful for this year. I love hearing all the things that people say, especially when it helps me remember that I'm thankful for those things too:
- Lots of the gang said family, so true! Love my own little family, and truly appreciate our parents, siblings and their significant others and our nieces and nephews. We are also blessed with huge extended families, and I love being able to stay connected with many of them through Facebook.
- Others mentioned work, also true! This family loves to work, and many of them work double 40+ hours in a week quite often starting early spring right through the fall. Me, I love to work too, I love my jobs as mom and teacher, but I also love me my down time! :)
- Health was a big one too. So thankful for the health and the health care we have.
- I mentioned the weather (and one of my sister-in-law's said, "That was what I was going to say!" Great minds think alike, right?). We have had amazing weather the last few weeks, and I have been able to enjoy it so much. I have been able to go outside with the kids where they are so easily entertained, I have been able to exercise outside many times, and my husband has been able to get lots of field work done because of the great weather.
- School was another one, we love our kids' school so much, and education is truly a gift.
- When it was my 5 year old son's turn he said, "I'm thankful for God, and Jesus." Wow! Thanks for the reminder buddy! I am so thankful for our faith, and so thankful that it is becoming evident in the lives of our children through what they hear at home, school and church.

The list could go on, so many things we are thankful for, and they are certainly not little! What are you thankful for?

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