Monday, October 7, 2013

TV Commercials

I love commercials that are fun, witty, and creative. I especially like when they cause me to laugh out loud, or even get me choked up a bit. Of course, there are some commercials that I sit there and think, "What on earth is this commercial for?" Then it comes on at the last second of the commercial, and I think, "Oh, didn't see that coming." Of course, there are those commercials that are so annoying, and seem to have the most airtime because you here them over and over and over. No? No?  ;)

Anyway, the reason for this post is the Dulux paint commercial. The first time I saw it, I chuckled, and it makes me grin a little every time I see it. In the commercial, a woman paints the bedroom red. The man comes home, sends the dog out of the room, and closes the door. When the door opens again, you see the woman pregnant with 2 kids running around. That commercial was totally aimed at my demographic. I think it's fun and funny, and in the end, she paints the room white (

There was also a great commercial that was put out by WalMart this past summer, I think, but I cannot remember the exact theme of it. I believe it was about outdoor furniture, and the women in it were talking about having wine. If you know it, remind me, because I really liked that one too, and it was also totally aimed at my demographic.

Then there are the latest Canadian Tire commercials. The lead character in those commercials is a hoot: riding a sweet "bike" with a gang of biker kids in some neighbourhood (, doing a camping trial (, and "What is that, hard maple?" (

Commercials, always little things!

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