Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My eldest son

For this post, I went through some of my old Facebook statuses to share a bit about my oldest son. He lives life filled with intensity and it is crazy and wonderful and very entertaining.

Fall 2013: My son had gone outside for awhile, and I had done a bunch of cleaning up in the house. He came in, looked around, and said, "Mommy, it looks brand new in here!!" We have a regular old farm house. I love seeing things through his eyes!

Spring 2013: Around 4:00am this morning, the hydro (electricity) had gone off through the night, and here is my conversation with my half-sleeping boy:
"Mommy, turn the light in the hall back on so I can see my water bottle."
"I can't, buddy, the hydro is off."
"Just put a new light bulb in then Mommy!" (Haha! If only it were that easy, eh?)
Finding a little flashlight by his bed, I tried to turn it on, but it didn't work.
"Buddy, your flashlight is here, but it's broken, so I will give you mine."
"No mommy, you just gotta swack it, and then it will work again."
Sure enough, it worked! Love the wisdom of a four year old!

Christmas 2012: So our son continues to keep us entertained. At my mother-in-law's family Christmas, the adults did a gift exchange game. My husband's aunt asked my son to help her pick out a gift, and of course, he picked one of the biggest ones. It contained some fun sports paraphernalia like a volleyball, nerf stuff and the like. My husband had received some soap and lotion in the gift he had picked and opened earlier on. So my son took the big bag, brought it over to his daddy, and brought the soap gift over to my husband's aunt. Made sense to him, right? ;) When told to switch them back, my son very reluctantly dragged the big back back. Then, to top it off, he sneezed a huge, real sneeze full on into the bag!

Fall 2012: Tonight, it was time for lights out in my kids' bedroom, and my son was fighting going to bed because he wanted to keep combining (with his toy combine on the carpet in his bedroom), just like daddy, and he needed to see! We had some words, and I gave him a time out, and then he was in tears. I told him he could keep going, but he had to use the light from the hallway so his sister could sleep. He said it was still too dark. Then came the moment where I couldn't stay mad anymore, and I cracked a smile, "But mommy," he said with tears streaming down his face, and through his sobs, "I don't have lights on my combine so I can't see!" Ah, my little farmer boy!

Spring 2012: My dear boy is very pumped to play soccer this year!! I probably should have waited until closer to the start date to tell him as he keeps asking me to put on his "i-pads," and he is wearing them to bed tonight.

Summer 2011: My son woke up at 5:20am, after going to bed at 8:00pm last night, and told me, "Mommy, the dark's all done, you have to get up!" So we got up, I put on "Cars" and dozed on the couch. After awhile, he told me he was going back to bed, and he's been sleeping for about an hour. What a guy!

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