Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween and a bunch of little things

Well, here it is, the my last post for the October blogging challenge, #31. I did it! I've enjoyed reflecting on so many things over the past month, and coming up with different things to blog about. I've also enjoyed connecting with other bloggers and seeing what people write about from one day to the next. I've worked on some other challenges. I was successful with some for the whole month, some for about half the month, and some not so well. However, I am proud of those that I completed, and will work on some others in the next month.

For today's little things, I had a lovely day. It was Halloween. I carved pumpkins with my oldest boy, and we laid out the seeds to attempt to grow our own next year. He and I also created his ninja costume, which was a last minute switch this morning from his cow costume. We went trick or treating with my sister's family, and had lots of fun, even with all the rain we got tonight. My Tinkerbell, ninja, elephant and duck (who ended up being a sleeping candy cane in his red & white striped sleeper, as described by my niece) were cute and lots of fun. When I got home, they all fell into bed, and I enjoyed checking out the costumes of friends and family on Facebook for a bit.

I have enjoyed this challenge! I will be posting again soon, just not daily for awhile. :)


  1. Hi Sarah, I love your blog about the simple and most important things in life!

    1. Thanks Pauline! It can be crazy, but there are so many great little things in the middle of it all! :)


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