Saturday, October 26, 2013


Today was a busy day, but good busy:
- Started with viewing snow outside (too early, even for a winter-loving Canadian like myself!)
- Went to the local rec centre for swimming lessons for the girl, and hockey for the oldest boy
- Then picked up some coffee at Tim Horton's
- Made grilled cheese for lunch
- Home for the afternoon
- Ran 5 km
- Made pumpkin craft with the kids
- Cleaned house with oldest boy (he just loves to vacuum!) & the girl (she's great for tidying when she's into it)
- Dance party with the boys
- Had supper of leftovers
- Went with our fun four kids to watch daddy play hockey, a little bit crazy, but good crazy, and even managed to get a few snippets of adult conversation

My kids have had a four day weekend, and it has been cold and rainy and snowy and wet and cold and wet and cold and, well, you get the idea. But they have been great. They have played and entertained themselves so well. We have watched a bit of tv, but not as much as I thought we might. They played with their cousins all day Thursday, and kept each other entertained after that. I had my own moment of cabin fever, but a little drive through the countryside with a Tim Horton's coffee helped that out, thanks to the husband!

They have played "dogs" and "house" and "hockey" and "farm", and they have coloured and coloured. This afternoon my oldest and middle boy had a dance party - so fun and I just love their moves! I joined in for a bit too! Tomorrow we celebrate a belated Thanksgiving dinner with my side of the family, so that will be fun for a change of pace, especially because there is no place like Grandma's house!

Lots of great little things going on this weekend! :)

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