Thursday, October 3, 2013

The little things in this beautiful mess

So I've taken on a bunch of challenges this month, and thought I'd try my hand at the blogging part too.  I've done a bit in the past, but it hasn't really stuck, so maybe just doing it for a month is a good goal for me.  :)

I love telling stories, and as a friend who is blogging says, "everyone has a story", which I believe as well.  I think mine is pretty simple, but I'm pretty content with my life. Not everything has gone the way I planned, but when I look at the big picture, I can see that God's hand has always been working in my life, and I am where he wants me to be. So my story is made up of lots of little stories. As a farmer's wife, a mom of four, a primary teacher, a sister to 4 super siblings and 7 fun in-laws, an aunt to a whole bunch of sweet nieces and nephews with more coming, a daughter of 2 wonderful sets of parents, a friend of lots of fantastic people, and a citizen of a great rural tiny town, there are lots of little things I experience that show me how great life is.

I attended my second MOPS (Mother of Pre-Schoolers) meeting last month, and the theme for the year is "A Beautiful Mess." I think it's a perfect theme, and love it. I definitely feel like my life is a beautiful mess. I had a lady say to me the other day, "I only have 2, I don't know how you do it with 4!" This was in a shoe store in an outlet mall. My response to these comments is often, "It's crazy, but it's good and I love it." Trust me, I have those days where I spaz out and I lose it. My house is more often messy than clean, and I would rather go milk cows than clean. However, I love my kids and they are amazing. My husband is wonderful and full of integrity. Being farmers is hard and rewarding. Being a teacher is the same. But I love what I do in all areas of my life.

Oh, and by the way, that is the only time I have gone to a store with all 4 kids. It may never happen again. ;) It went well, but it was very planned out. The main attraction to that place was the Lego store with a play area. Needless to say, the shoes I needed were not there, and I did not spend a dime. My kids thought it was super fun though! So there it is, one of the little things!

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