Wednesday, October 30, 2013

ABCs all about me

A is for Airplane - I have flown to Europe three times, to California twice, to Cuba, and to Mexico.

B is for Babies - I have four!

C is for Christian - I believe in the Bible and that Jesus died for my sins.

D is for Dad - My dad is 6'5", and has encouraged me so much throughout my life. My father-in-law has a calm, strong nature, and has been a blessing in many ways.

E is for Earth - I love the earth and it's beauty, nature is so much a part of my life and what keeps me grounded.

F is for Family - I have 4 siblings, and my husband has 7. Between us, we have over 40 aunts and uncles and many many cousins and great-cousins! We are blessed with wonderful families!

G is for Gifts - I have lots of different gifts, but sometimes forget that that is what they are. I love to lead things and organize things and network with people.

H is for Husband - We have been married for almost 13 years. When we said, "I do", we meant through everything and forever. We have been blessed in so many ways, through hard times and good times.

I is for Ice cream - I love ice cream, what can I say!

J is for Joy - There are many things in life that bring me joy, right now it's hearing my kids giggle and laugh, especially together and with my husband and I.

K is for Kettle - I love my kettle because I love to have tea! Nothing like sitting down with a cup of tea and a sweet treat, and chillaxing for a bit.

L is for Leaves - I love that we live in a climate where the leaves start out as tiny buds in the spring, then become full and green and lush in the summer, then become beautiful colours in the autumn and fall off the trees, leaving brown barren branches that cover beautifully with snow or ice or frost in the winter.

M is for Mom - My mom is wonderful and crazy, and I love her for her willingness to be there in a heartbeat when we need her. My mother-in-law is an amazing woman who raised 8 wonderful children. They are both so different, and both very good to their grandchildren.

N is for Novels - I love reading, and have always loved it!

O is for October - A great month! My birthday, completing challenges this month, and doing a blog a day for this whole month this year.

P is for Princess - That's the meaning of my name, and I have always been proud of it!

Q is for Questions - I enjoy asking people questions, and learning more about them, some might call it nosey, but I think of it as being interested.

R is for Redhead - I have been a redhead since I was born. I really didn't like it as a kid, but have come to appreciate it an embrace it.

S is for Southpaw - I am a lefty and proud of it! God made a few perfect people, and the rest are right-handed. ;)

T is for Teacher - I wanted to be a teacher already as a little girl, often playing teacher with my younger siblings. I love what I do, and have been blessed to work great colleagues at all the schools where I have worked.

U is for University - I completed 5 years of University, finished with a major in French, a minor in English, and a Teaching Degree.

V is for Van - I was one of those people who never wanted to drive a minivan, but as my mom often says, "Never say never!" I now drive a minivan, and I do love it, especially with 4 kids.

W is for Water - I love the water, and I love swimming. It's one of my favourite active activities, and so far all my kids love it too!

X is for X-ray - I have once in my life had an x-ray, and it was the summer before I started high school when I broke my arm.

Y is for Yard - I have the ultimate backyard because we live on a farm. I grew up on a farm, and loved it, and I am thankful that our kids have the opportunity to live on a farm as well. They love it too!

Z is for Zumba - I have actually only done it a few times, and I have loved it. I love dancing, and Zumba is something I hope to do more of in the future!

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