Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday morning little things

Being a mom of little ones, and a farmer's wife means that Saturday morning wake up time still happens the same as an other day - early.  :)  So I'm not sure when or if I'll get that little thing back, but I realized there are lots of other great little things about my Saturday:
- Frosted Flakes for breakfast. They're grrrreat!
- Hot coffee!
- Watching my daughter's swimming lesson where she did great for her first morning!
- Watching my oldest son play hockey, getting up every time he falls!  :)
- Seeing someone at hockey wearing their shorts and flipflops before they went in. Yep, I love being Canadian! It's warm outside, even for October, but cold in that arena.
- Meeting some friends at the pool, always nice!
- McDonald's quarter pounder with cheese for lunch, and a chocolate milkshake. So good!
- Baby boy attempting to roll over! And his sweet little bare baby feet.
- Fall colours!
- Middle boy hopping up and down the bleachers, laughing and grinning his grin with his great dimple, and enjoying his French fries.
- Husband deciding to take a road trip with all of us to grab some McDonald's after we all went to hockey and swimming together.
- Kids playing in their newly organized toy room.
- Looking forward to a visit with my sister this afternoon as well...


  1. Saturday afternoon little things- getting together with your sister, the kids playing nicely together, group supper, and girl talk. Good times!

  2. For sure sister! Definitely great little things, and needed! :)


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