Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Little moments

I woke up early, thanks to the baby for an early morning wake up call, but it was all good because I was planning to go in to work for a meeting with my colleagues. A little bit later, my 2 year old also woke up, so I changed him, and set him to watch tv. I got myself ready for the day, and then my other 2 kids were up as well. My daughter was the only one going to school today, so the eldest boy and I walked her down the driveway to the bus. Behold, a beautiful little moment, the sunrise (yes, my kids get on the bus really early, but I don't mind!). The clouds were pink and purplish on the bottom, absolutely amazing. I love nature! God really has some amazing handiwork! It was incredible how the sky was painted, and my kids were wowed by it too.

I returned to the house, and a little while later my mom arrived to watch my three boys so I could go in to work for the morning. Behold, a wonderful little moment, being able to leave them with her, all three of them. I know not everyone has this option, and I'm so thankful my mom was willing to come over and help me out this way. (Later on, another beautiful moment, coming home to clean windows. Okay, so I asked her to clean them, but she has more energy than I have on a good day, and I knew she'd end up doing something. Also, my son, who apparently has some similar characteristics to my mom, had vacuumed the whole house twice in the last few days, so that was off the list already.)

I got in the van without a diaper bag (a great little moment, love my kids, but it was nice to have some time away this morning), and headed off down the road. I then did what I'm sure many others do with no kids in the vehicle, turned up the radio! Another great little moment!

I had a great morning with my colleagues. I am blessed to work with some fabulous people, and I have 2 of the best jobs on earth, one being teaching. The other that of being a mom. I feel the push and pull between these two jobs sometimes. Thankfully, I love both, and I work with great people either way! 

I came home to clean windows, pancakes for lunch, and a chat and coffee with my mom. Who can beat that? After she left, I even managed to catch a ten minute rest on the couch. Some more great little moments.

This evening, it was off to my oldest son's hockey practice. I had a few funny moments there. Watching a bunch of 5 & 6 year olds doing hockey drills, and then "playing" their first scrimmage game was pretty funny.There were lots of falls, collisions, and kids lying on the ice like turtles or starfish. It was fun to see the kids all lined up on the bench because all we could see was what looked like a row of helmets lined up on the wall. My favourite moment was hearing the coach say, "So everyone knows what to do?" Whether the kids knew what to do or not, they sure didn't look like they knew what they were doing! Nevertheless, it's pretty neat to see the determination of those little ones: falling and getting up so many times, and pushing through the whole practice. Watching the practices this last month and a bit has given me lots of respect for coaches as well! Very thankful for those wonderful people!

So those were some little moments in my day today! Thanks for reading!

Just had to add a moment of genius! ;) While I was talking on the phone this evening, my oldest son had put on the other cordless phone, and made some ruckus. He then hid the phone, but it was still on. When I went to get the phone, I couldn't use the locator beep because the phone was "in use." How was I going to find it without waking him up, and without the locator? I tried talking into the other phone, but that really didn't help because I was talking while trying to hear. Then I got it! I put the phone on beside the radio in another part of the house, and cranked up the radio. I started walking around the area I thought it was hidden, and tah-dah! I heard it, and followed the sound!  Genius! Okay, not really, but I was proud of myself anyway! A little moment, right? ;)

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