Saturday, October 19, 2013

Baby nephew

Yesterday I got to meet and hold my newest nephew. It was wonderful. He was only three days old, and so perfect. Sweet little head. Dark, thick, black hair. Little hands and tiny fingers. So great to snuggle and hold. So amazing. My own baby is five months old now. The time has gone quickly, and it won't be long before these two are playing and tussling together at family functions. I hope the two of them will be good friends and spend lots of time together! My other two boys have cousins the same age. It's fun to see the two 5 year olds play farm and chat about farming together. The two 2 year olds have just started to interact, and it's fun to watch them too. I have great memories of time spent with my own cousins, and hope for the same for my kid and their cousins. Wonderful little things!

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