Thursday, October 10, 2013

Good tired

I am. so. tired. But good tired. I like to tell people that my life is busy, but good busy; or that it's crazy, but good crazy. Right now I'm tired, but good tired. I had a great day. It was a beautiful fall day, and I had 7 kids with me all day: two that are 5 years old, one that is 4, one that is 3, two that are 2, and one 4.5 month old. They were all great!

I can honestly say, though, that I could not do this everyday, or even another day this month. I take my hat off to day care workers and babysitters everywhere! I can also say that I am blessed with friends who have wonderful kids! They all interacted so well together, and listened well too.

A couple of my mantras today for the kids were: "Whoever wants to play, gets to play," "Be kind to each other," and "Help each other." A couple of my own mantras to myself were, "Keep it simple," and "If they're playing nicely, don't mess with it. " I had a whole arsenal of "things to do", but didn't have to use much of them because they played outside so much, and came up with their own ideas. For example, putting marshmallows on sticks for a "campfire," playing construction in the sand, biking, and playing dress-up. Such simple little things, but they were happy and had fun, and in the end, I was happy and had fun too! :)

I also milked cows this evening, so that pushed into the really tired and physically sore state that I am in now. So this post will be shorter for today, and I will write again tomorrow.

All those little ones were fun little things today!

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